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Magic River Tours
Magic River

Magic River Tours is an Ecuadorian tour operator under German management which has offered adventure travel into the Amazon Rainforest since 1997. Our tours explore Cuyabeno Nature Reserve, a 603,000 hectare protected park deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon. This reserve, with its interconnected lakes, flooded forest, small blackwater rivers, swamps and firm rainforest, is one of the most outstanding places in Ecuador for discovering and enjoying the tropical rainforest. It is also home to a wide range of animals and therefore considered to be a true paradise for all wildlife lovers.

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We Specialize in canoe trips and are the only tour operator in Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, if not the entire Ecuadorian rainforest, that avoids motorized canoe travel as much as possible. With us you will be totally immersed in the rainforest and your experience will not be disturbed by any motor noise. As a result, you will be able to hear all the incredible sounds made by local insects, birds, monkeys and other animals. Another benefit of traveling by paddle canoe is that the animals are less likely to be scared away when you approach, increasing your chances of observing wildlife.

Our program includes a wide range of activities:

Accomodation most nights is in rustic, traditional huts. On our 5-day trip, we spend the first night in tents at a beautiful spot in the midst of the forest. The following nights we stay in our recently finished hut that provides single and double rooms, each with private bathroom and shower. On longer tours we stay in simpler huts, where we provide one large room for pitching tents or mosquito nets. Only a few huts have shower facilities but you can always swim in the rivers and lakes, as has been done for years, or use our camping shower.

Nevertheless, paddling is just one of the many options that we offer at Magic River Tours. Jungle hikes and several other activities also form a large part of our unique tour programs.

First night camp

First night camp
Double Room double room

Food ranges from traditional Ecuadorian food to international cuisine and is prepared in our camp kitchen. Our cooks are specially trained to carefully prepare meals that are not only delicious, but also hygienic and safe to eat. All the water used for drinking and cooking is pure bottled water. We can also offer our guests a wide range of vegetarian dishes on request.

Small Groups are the best way for us to take all individual interests and travel needs into consideration. Small groups have a lower impact on the environment and increase the chances of spotting elusive jungle wildlife. For this reason, our maximum group size is 10 participants on 5-day tours and 8 participants on our 8-day tours, which benefits not only the visitors but also the environment. Families with children are always welcome on our tours, but we recommend that children are at least 10 years old.

The Quality of Equipment is fundamental in offering you both a comfortable and a safe trip. The only things you need to bring are some light clothes, your personal belongings and a flashlight with spare batteries. We provide you with quality Canadian canoes, paddles, life vests, rain ponchos, boots (up to European size 47), dry bags for your luggage (from 5 to 115 liters), tents, air-sleeping pads, light sleeping bags, sheet liners, mosquito nets, etc.


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Magic River Cia. Ltda,
Calle Primera y Pacayacu
Phone: (00593) - 62366510
Cell Phone: (00593) - 97360670
Email: magicriv@ecuanex.net.ec


"If you are going to Ecuador, I highly recommend Magic River"
Reviewed July 10, 2010

"We just returned from our trip to Ecuador and wanted to give acknowledgemente to Magic River and our 5 Day Canoe Trip in the Cuyabeno Reserve. David, our guide was very good. Raul our cook was awesome. He provided some of the best tasting and healthy food of our entire 3 week trip to Ecuador from a simple field kitchen. He was also a delight to speak with and be around. The other support staff was also very friendly and helpful. The facilities, both camping and in the lodge far exceeded our expectation.

So many highlights of the trip. The serenity of canoeing through the rain forest over a loud motor boat allowed us to see more wildlife, piranha fishing, awesome sunsets, swimming and visiting with the Siona village. Learning how to make the yuca bread, playing soccer and then swimming in the river with the children was probably the highlight of our trip.

If you are going to Ecuador, I highly recommend you check out Magic River and the Cuyabeno Reserve portion of the Amazon Jungle.

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